Our new visual identity

CD-Manual, Produkt- und Imagebroschüre der Firma Springer

The Springer GmbH changed its face. Besides the company logo we have revised the whole visual appearance and clothed it updated colours and forms. This also includes all print media as well as the new built up website concept and other office equipment.

After a few minor optimizations in the last 15 years it was time to give our business documents and equipment a fresh, zeitgeisty layout. Who concentrates so intens on its core business set priorities to other places then the look and feel of the logo, brochures or catalogues.

Implementation from detail to detail

Broschüre: Automation ist unser Antrieb

PDF image brochure

The corporate identity is the sum of all characteristics which distinguish a company. That includes f.e. the brand concept of the “Springer GmbH”, a transparent commuinication concept as well as a sustainable value system. These topics are incorporated in the company structure since the company was founded. Now we would like to use the opportunity to present these topics to you in a new, dynamic visual identity.

All sections, processes and communication channels will be equipped with this new design – but it is impossible to update them all at the same time. Should you find our previous logo in some places, be asured, you won’t find it there for a long time.