Our apprentices present their training place

Every year the apprentices at Springer get a joint project. Content, scheduling and processing steps are assisted by different colleagues depending on the focus, but otherwise responsibly driven by the apprentices.
The basic idea is to provide a detailed look behind the scenes for other teenagers before applying for an apprenticeship. A majority of the corresponding age group is searching for videos on YouTube, so the decision in favour of the video format was straightforward.

From script to planning the shooting days

First they roughly sketched out the content and later wrote precise scripts, so that they could exactly compare the offers from different camera men for the video shoot. When the shooting days were determined, the apprentices learned their texts and prepared shooting areas and requisites. Whereby occasionally now and then they had to present intermediate results.

The end results are four videos shown below.
We are very pleased to see that the apprentices completed the project
successfully and therefore somewhat recruit themselves the next
generation for our company.

Congratulations on this successful result!