Handling systems for the body shop automation


Flexible reproduction with highest precision

Incomparable many combinations are possible due to the diversity of the components and the simplicity of the mounting principle.
The Springer body shop gripper systems enable the handling of metal parts as well as plastic components like for example CFRP (carbon fiber-reinforced plastic).

Body construction gripping system for use in a robot cell

The gripper BTG-51040 is designed to move four components. One task of the equipped robot is for example to drive with gripper and component under a stationary welding tongs, which connect the preposioned components in a weld spot.
At first the gripper takes the component in this case from a depositing device and positions it exactly on two pin locating cylinders – fixed with clamps (per simple clamping or rather with contoured custom parts). Then the gripper drives with the component under the welding tongs where it places several weld spots. Afterwards the component gets back to the depositioning device, so it can be processed by the robot in the next cell.

This gives you the following benefits:

  • Flexible components with multifunction enable a reduction of the component diversity to be maintained
  • Precise replicability enable delay-free modifications and fast recommissioning after a failure-related downtime
  • The most versatile combinability leads to a significant reduction of components and therefore to a substantial weight reduction

Brochure “Gripper Systems for the Body Shop Automation”

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