Process optimization in the production

The automization of technical processes evolves constantly –  in the manufacturing technology of several productions as well as for example in transport systems.

The associated, increased complexity isn´t imperceptible anymore for the human observer. So tools are increasingly required like f.e. our metrology for the process optimization of the automation. We measure the toolings to an accuracy of 0,5 mm.

Optimizing manufacturing processes – our method and procedure

At first we analize the actual state. We capture at suitable positions the dynamic process behaviour of your production and record it appropriately. Based on these retained data we file an analysis and optimizing propositions to define goals with you and the actions for their attainment (the target state).

The goals of our optimization projects could be formulated thus for example:
  • Improvement of the quality
  • Error prevention by virtual commissioning (simulation of handling tasks)
  • Improvement of productivity
  • Raise of production output
  • Reduced resourcing
  • Long service life
  • Re-Use of applied modules
In the implementation we focus on several dependencies of the process optimization and keep an eye on the determined, optimal solution between lead times, quality and profitability.

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