B2Run 2019: Congratulations to all runners!

According to the organizers 800 more runners started in Bremen for the B2Run than last year. Employees from 500 companies in our region mastered the distance of round about 6 kilometers. That was again a rise and therefore a record attendance at the running event B2Run.

Also all of our colleagues (about 10% of the staff of the Springer company) reached successfully the finish and passed a remarkable, sportive achievement. Congratulations!

Many individual best performances and beautiful team moments

Again we have a runner who reached the finishing line with the Top20 and even 2 colleagues which arrived in their categorie in the Top100. But much more interesting are the individual successes that were achieved for this event.
A few regular training dates were organized for the preparation for this run, at which several colleagues came together. A good opportunity to discover stepwise the joy of movement in likeable company and to get useful tips from the colleagues.
Some team members of our running group had even discovered this sport for themselves by the preparation for the B2Run and took therefore a huge first step – a very good example to follow for many others.

We can conclude: It is fun, it’ worth it and we are lloking forward to the big running community of the B2Run in the next year. Which will hopefully grow further like 2019!