Assembly services – flexible and efficient


We support you from the conception to a smooth deployment

Regardless if you are planning smaller, medium oder major automation projects: We take on resulting project areas like engineering, production, assembly or rework like adjustment. For the acquired work steps we focus upon request on sustainability – beyond the normal project life.

The durability of our gripping systems and components allows subsequent to a project often to refurbish the components, to modify and to re use them for further applications.

We jointly develop concrete demand plans and timetables to guarantee a fluent process of the assembly. Personal competent contact persons are assisting you during the projects and coordinate the fluent implementation.

For existing and re-equipped production facilities

Our globally operating assembly specialists stand for a secure and efficient implementation of assembly services of the whole automation process – especialy in our core markets press plant and body shop automation. With our comprehensive services we are a reliable partner at your side with latest assembly equipment.

Assembly services for the press plant automation

Our efforts in the press plant include f.e. the training of your employees in our products and systems as well as a test-fit and previous simulations. So we prepare for the specific application with all of the resources available and make sure that your plant works with our equipment as efficient and reliable as possible. 

Assembly services for the body construction

In the field of body construction we can provide for you the installation as well as the commissioning. We ensure that our moduls fulfil their tasks at your robots trouble-free and over the long term.