Training project 2019: Springer miniature-car

The apprentices of our company joined in the past months again a cooperative project. This time the goal was to produce a miniature-car from several component parts. This car, that can be build like an assembly kit, shows pupils in detail our training professions on fairs or career information events.

At our stand on fairs we present especially to future apprentices, what kind of tasks they have to deal with in these jobs. Most recently the different training professions could be observed in videos.
This time we will demonstrate the knowledge and skills of all training professions with the aid of one miniature-car. Therefore the project ran through the following steps:
  • the planning and cost calculations by the industrial clerks,
  • the construction by the technical product designers,
  • the production of the component parts by the cutting machine operators
  • and the following assembly and lettering by the industrial mechanics.

Our Springer miniature-car (20x8x9 cm) is made of aluminium and can be assembled by interested teenagers of 9 component parts. The assembly takes place with the aid of the created construction plan and without any tools.